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SPECIAL OFFER £24.95 Line rental, Call package, Broadband

Don't miss out, this deal is only available at the special price of £24.95 for a short period of time PLUS we are also giving away 3 months line rental FREE for businesses that apply to join us today. With this offer you only pay £4.97 for 20mb business broadband plus we reduce your line rental to £9.99 and give you the invclusive call package for just £4.99. Everything is included with the the broadband and you just pay one fixed monthly fee of £24.95 for everything, you don't have to pay another penny to BT or any other phone company. <<find out more about getting everything as a package>>

If you don't need the inclusive calls on your broadband line you can arrange for these to be shared on other lines.

£7.50 Line Rental - offer can not be using in conjunction with other promotions

Half price line rental for the next 12 months, then pay just £9.99. This offer is available to new customers who take line rental and calls with us on a 24 month agreement. It can not be combined with any other special offers such as a broadband bundle. Our standard line rental is £9.99 which is 1/3 cheaper than BT Business, if you have any lines which you dont need broadband on then this is guaranteed to be the cheapest business line rental available. ISDN2 line rental is also included in this offer for £7.50 per channel and is subject to a 24 months agreement.

£9.99 Business Line Rental

Our standard business line rental is just £9.99


ISDN 2 line rental is still £9.99, most companies charge more for ISDN lines but we keep the price the same as our standard business line rental.



Upgrade to our 20mb business broadband service and pay as little as £9.97 subject to exchange availability.

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Opal / TalkTalk

UK Wholesale

Business line




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* Based on up to 500 short local/national calls per month, last checked against BT OnePlan online price list 05/05/2010 and based on a yearly call spend under £5,000.

This offer is based on a minimum term of 24 month, inclusive calls are 24/7 to telephone numbers starting 01,02,03. Calls to mobiles are 8p to all mobile networks including 3 mobile.
Broadband activation is subject to a one off activation fee of £29.99, the wireless router is free of charge based on a 24 month agreement, modem special delivery is £7.99.

Offer subject to availability non LLU enabled exchanges are subject to a supliment of £4.99 per month.

All copyrights, trademarks and trade names are acknowledged.
Rates used in comparison: BT Business Phone Line Rental, BT Business OnePlan call charges based on a company with a call spend under £5,000 per year, BT Business Total Broadband option 1. Rates sourced on 05/05/2010 and may vary at any time without notice. This Information is for guidance only and does not form any contractual representation or warranty. UK Wholesale disclaims any liability for errors, omissions or consequential loss. All prices quoted for business services exclude VAT.
**20 mb is the maximum speed, your actual speed will depend on your location. Over 80% of telephone exchanges are NGN broadband enabled, there may be a delay or small surcharge if your exchange is waiting to be upgraded.